Though the menu is extensive enough to please all tastes, it is the assortment of Samobor specialities that has made the restaurant known far and wide. The best that Samobor culinary art can offer can be found here. Top quality food, drinks, famous pancakes...

  • Appetizers
    • Fresh cheese with cream
    • Cold appetizers
    • Mushrooms - risotto, with gnocchi or green pasta, grilled, fried, with eggs
    • Champignons - grilled, fried, stuffed
    • Asparagus - grilled, with gnocchi or green pasta, with eggs, with mushrooms and eggs
    • Fried frog drumsticks
    • Green pasta with cream and gorgonzola cheese
    • Gnocchi with cream and gorgonzola cheese
    • Fried cheese
    • Ham and cheese omelette
  • Soups
    • Veal soup with noodles
    • Mushroom soup
    • Tomato soup
  • Home specialities
    • Roast veal – neck, cutlet, veal with mushroom sauce, veal Gabrek style
    • Stuffed veal breast
    • Veal shank
    • Wild boar with cranberries and gnocchi
    • Samobor cutles with potatoes
    • Veal brain (fried, with eggs)
    • Veal liver (braised, grilled, fried)
    • Roast duck
    • Tripe
    • Blood sausages, sauerkraut, braised potatoes
    • Garlic sausages, sauerkraut, braised potatoes
    • Baking sausages, sauerkraut, braised potatoes
    • Pork shank, cooked, sauerkraut, braised potatoes
  • Dishes a la carte
    • Veal stakes (plain, vienna style, parisian style, cordon bleu)
    • Turkey stakes (plain, vienna style, parisian style, cordon bleu)
    • Pork fillet(grilled, fried, vienna style, stuffed with ham and cheese, cordon bleu)
    • Beefsteak (grilled, in blackberry wine sauce)
    • Rumpsteak
    • Rumpsteak in mustard and cream sauce
    • Veal medallions with mushrooms
    • Trout in corn flour
    • Calamari – baked, fried, grilled
    • Ražnjići
    • Ćevapi
    • Mixed grill plate
    • Lamb
    • Roast suckling pig
  • Side dishes
    • Rice, boiled potatoes, braised potatoes, potatoe fried halves, french fries, mashed potatoes, croquets, gnocchi, mlinci, gocchi with cream and gorgonzola cheese
    • Beans with vegetables
    • Sauerkraut
    • Vegetables
    • Swiss chard with potato
    • Samoborska muštarda
    • Tartar sauce
    • Mushroom sauce
    • Gorgonzola and cream sauce
  • Salads
    • Season salads
    • Gabrek salad
    • Roasted Peppers
    • Bean salad
    • Wild mushroom salad
  • Desserts
    • Apricot and plum dumplings
    • Ice cream
    • Home made cakess
    • Chestnut puree with whipped cream
    • Štrukli - cooked, baked
    • Sorbet
  • Pancakes


Starogradska 46, Samobor
Phone: 01/3360-722
Mobile: 098/204-034
Fax: 01/3364-776
Monday to Sunday
From 12 am to 12 pm
Private parking: approx. 60 vehicles
All cards are accepted


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